Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time to celebrate or suit up has been promoted to the next level

Our last weekend in Ludhiana approached very fast. On Saturday, we had planned a big party. We came up with the idea when we realized that two team members had their birthday during the CSC time, and other two are getting married this year.

After three weeks in India, it was the perfect occasion to wear all Indian clothes that we bought in the past days (and we bought quite a lot of these). The ladies wore saris or Punjabi suits, and the gents went for a kurta. At the same time, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to do something special. This something, of course, was the traditional Punjabi headgear – the turban. We were assured that it is not rude to wear one if you are not Sikh – and now it was only the question of finding someone to tie it for us. This person was quickly found – this was a gentleman at the tailor. The three of us – Bernardo from Brazil (who is getting married in April), Rafal from Canada and myself entered the shop. The rest is history. The skill, with which the guy was tying the turban, was just amazing. Mine was made of “German blue”. Suit up has been promoted to the next level – doesn’t it look nice?
12 foreigners dressed up in traditional Indian wear were a source of attraction for the entire evening. Wherever we went, all eyes were looking at us (probably asking themselves: “Who are these guys?”).
After a visit at Baba chicken for a delicious dinner (finally, I managed not to eat too much), we went to the hotel bar. There, we prepared a nice surprise for our jubilarians: a cake with an edible group picture and the slogan of the night – Time to celebrate!
After the bar, we wanted to do what we have been wanting to do for a few weeks. Our hotel has been hosting a wedding party almost every night. But this night, we wanted to be part of it. A simple “can we join you?” was enough to experience one more traditional Indian event – and it was awesome! As soon as we impressed the guests with some bhangra moves, the local and the foreign crowds have mixed and had tons of fun together! What a great night!

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