Monday, March 3, 2014

Back to Ludhiana: Work and after work

It has been three weeks after my departure from home now. The days fly by with an enormous speed, and each one adds to the list of stories, adventures and events.

The work at the PAU progresses well. The course registration process, which seemed to be rather straightforward in the beginning, turned out to be a complex one with quite a few exceptions. The process map resulted in a ~175x60 cm tableau (and as you see on the picture, I am continuing to make smart comments).

At the PAU, there are still things to discover. Since the work for the College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, it has different agricultural vehicles as well as a driving range where the students learn to drive. After a cup of green tea with our clients, Dr. Satish Kumar and Dr. Rohinish Khurana (members of the exclusive PAU green tea Club), we were offered to check out the tractors ourselves. Since I am a city kid, it was the first time for me to drive a tractor. Conclusion: It can drift, has two gears and a left and a right brake (why?). It was a great ride.

After work, things continue with the same intensity. On one of the nights, we decided to visit Ludhiana's only micro-brewery - a place called The Brewmaster. Living in Germany, it was, of course, impossible, not to taste beer made in India. The beer is served in "beer towers", in addition to that we had great food. Not to forget that after our visit, I received a call from the manager asking about my experience. Good service!
Another highlight was a Bhangra class. Bhangra is the traditional Indian dance. Being in India, we really wanted to be part of this cultural experience. During a 1-hour class, the teachers did their best to show us the basic moves. Many of you know me as being a dance noob, but I did my best to keep up with the beat. Keep calm and Bhangra on!
Hungry after the physical exercise, we went to a South Indian restaurant. There, we had the famous dosa - a pancake made of rice batter with potato stuffing. The one on the picture seemed to be a special one for the big group.

Each day, new adventure!

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