Thursday, March 20, 2014

Final presentation: Thank you and good bye PAU

Our last day at PAU has come. Unbelievable that it has been four weeks since we first entered the College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology!
The final deliverables were all lined up and the presentation prepared. Quick summary of the result of our work:
  • Modelled the as-is as well as the future processes for the course registration system (This is a short IBM ad: We did use BlueworksLive and it is really a great tool for process modelling)
  • Delivered a 40-pages technical specifications document with the requirements for the IT system supporting this process (With use cases + other technical documents and details)
  • Delivered a proposal plan as well as rough time estimates for implementation
  • Modelled the as-is as well as the future salary payment processes
  • Outlined the benefits of the new IT system
For the course registration system, we have printed out the process – a 2 x 0.6m plateau. Perfect setup for group pictures!

The presentation went very well. The Dean, our main stakeholder, Dr. O. P. Gupta, as well as the team members received our recommendations and deliverables very positively and were impressed by the work the team has delivered. Personally, I am also very satisfied and proud of what we have achieved. Despite some challenges, we have done meaningful and valuable work for the PAU, which they will be able to take forward right away. But apart from the professional component, we were able to meet a lot of great people and spend quality time with them. Big THANK YOU goes to our hosts at the PAU as well as my team who was able to bear me for four weeks.

It was sad to say good bye to PAU, but hopefully, we will be able to come back some day. As a famous slogan in India says: "Fevicol ka mazboot jodh hai, tootega nahi" (Fevicol [a company producing glue] bonds are so strong that they cannot be broken)!

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