Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last week: Balancing the work and the dinners (again!)

Our last week has started. Do you know this feeling when you come to work a few days prior to the deadline and realize HOW MUCH is still to be done? Then you understand my feeling.

Nevertheless, while finalizing our deliverables, we were able to continue to explore the PAU.  Finally, some students were brave enough to talk to us.
In addition to that, we were able to persuade one of our stakeholders – Harpreet – to take us to one of her classes. What impressed us was the fact that all students stand up when the teacher comes in and that it is totally quiet during the lecture. As well as the fact that the names are difficult to memorize and repeat quite often (out of 30 students, there were ~3 Ramandeeps, 3 Gagandeeps, 2 Harpreets).
Outside of the PAU, it was dinner time again. First on the list was the family of Swabhimaan’s CEO. The food was, as the last time, delicious (and it was so difficult to say no!), and we had a great night. In addition to the hospitality, the highlight was a singing master-class by host, Kanika, as well as Kazu from Japan. Both of them have great voices – the texts don’t really matter since I don’t understand neither Japanese nor Hindi. Listen in!

The second event has been hosted by the general manager of our hotel, Mr. Ram. He was so kind to invite us for a dinner to thank us for our stay. He personally greeted us, then, some snacks were served. Needless to mention that snacks in Punjab mean an actual dinner. We also had the opportunity to show off our newly bought jutti.
Then, the second course, consisting of the “real” dinner and tons of sweets, was served downstairs. Luckily, we were able to have everybody who has contributed to the wonderful CSC experience, at Fortune Klassik that night. Our Pyxera consultant, Shruti, came from Mumbai. Our local consultant, Jaspreet, came with his wonderful parents. And, of course, we had our team of 12 IBMers from 11 countries. Simply awesome!

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