Wednesday, March 5, 2014

School vistit @Swabhimaan NGO

Part of the CSC assignment was to spend time as a group on community service. We decided to visit one of the Swabhimaan NGO schools. Swabhimaan, as I mentioned before, runs schools and provides education to underprivileged children. Found in 2008, Swabhimaan is involved in 25 schools around Ludhiana.

We decided to spend a few hours with the kids and to talk, play and laugh with them. I have to admit that this visit was one of the most powerful experiences in India so far. It was impressive to see that there are people that want to give education and thus, a chance to the children from poor(est) families and who really care about them. From our end, I hope that we could make a small contribution to make the kids a bit happier.

We divided the children into a few groups and played games different games with them.

Each of the groups has got a card with a fancy stamp after the end of the exercise. Some kids were busy examining it.
 Kids were really smart and hat a lot of fun.

And we enjoyed the time, too!

What a great time and experience!
P.S. Please visit Swabhimaan's site at

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