Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chandigarh, the capital of two states

Before starting our official assignment, we decided to go to Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and "the only planned city in India". After India's independence, the city was planned and built by the Swiss architect Le Corbusiers. After 2 hours and 97.6 km, we arrived at our destination.

Chandigarh, as India itself, seems to be full of contradictions. On the one hand, the city has a grid structure (like in the US) and a lot of parks (similarly to Europe). On the other hand, the city is being claimed as capital by two Indian states: Punjab and Haryana.

The first item on our list was the Rock Garden. It was secretly built by the Indian artist Nek Chand, who managed to hide it from the authorities for 18(!) years. The material for the garden was taken from the waste produced during the creation of Chandigarh. The result is a mix of excellence in recycling with a stunning artistic note.

Apart from the rock sculptures, there were some gastronomic highlights to explore: A vegetarian RedBull or lime water.

After a short lunch, which included Chinese noodles and 'veg chicken', we took the bus to check out the Rose Garden, which is apparently the largest in Asia!  The garden was designed by Mr. Hussain (not Saddam!) and contains many varieties of beautiful roses, eg. Barbara Bush, Tender Love and Simplicity.

After the rose garden, we hit the road back to Ludhiana. On our way, we experienced the Indian driving once again. I thought that after Russia / Ukraine, not much can surprise me on the road. However, approaching buses going into the lane just a meter in front of our car made think about the things in my life I have not achieved yet.

The following video will tell you more than an additional post.

 Next day, we finally had our first meeting with the client!

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